Landscape Management

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At Carl Ray Nursery, we pride ourselves on being equipped to completely maintain the mature trees and shrubs on your  property.

Pest & Disease Control

Treating your private or commercial landscape for pests does more than just keep you from being annoyed by them, it’s the best way to avoid destruction and help control illness. Many insects can not only destroy your shrubs and trees; but some of the biting types can also cause illness and allergic reactions in people and pets.

Liquid Fertilization

Applying  fertilizer is an essential maintenance practice for achieving and maintaining healthy, mature trees and shrubs. Regular application provides essential nutrients that might not be present in your soil, helping to improve your landscape’s appearance and health.

Healthy landscapes have better color, density, growth and tolerance to stress factors. Healthy foliage also:

  • Resist stresses like drought, insect and disease damage 
  • Have fewer insects 
  • Require fewer control applications over time 
  • Reduce run-off and erosion 
  • Provide cooling effect in the immediate surroundings

Trimming & Pruning

Trimming and pruning are essential in maintaining a healthy, beautiful landscape. These techniques help keep disease from spreading in your trees and shrubs, as well as keeping up a pristine appearance by eliminating dry or dead areas.

What’s the difference?

Although the terms are interchangeable, there is a difference in trimming and pruning. Trimming usually applies to small shrubs and hedges, whereas pruning usually applies to large shrubs and trees.



*Carl Ray Nursery collaborates with only the best, highly respected, and quality landscape businesses in the area; to provide the finest, full-service care for your property.

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