Tree Transplanting

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Tree transplanting is one of the fastest ways to create a mature look to your landscape. ¬†Whether it’s moving a mature tree across your green space, or transporting it across town; Carl Ray is fully prepared to transplant almost any size tree you desire.
Carl Ray Nursery will take every precautionary step to assure that your mature trees remain just as healthy and vibrant post-transplant as they were before the process. Trees can be transplanted at any time during the year, but keep in mind that during growing seasons (spring and summer) the trees are more delicate and susceptible to problems. We at Carl Ray prefer to transplant during dormant seasons (fall and winter). Not only does this help preserve the tree, but the frozen ground is easier to drive on; thus also preserving your lawn from any major damage. We will fully evaluate the trees for health and viability, as well as evaluate your landscape for the prime location for your new feature.


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